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Dream Notes

Dreams from the last 7 months

  • A younger Asian American poet asks me for help with getting their work published. I help somehow and remember the feeling.
  • A body lies on the ground. A body sits near it. The sitting body begins to levitate. I am the one sitting.
  • I was working for the ACLU and hosted a social/work party.
  • I explain the Asian American class to Rushi. I play a video about it.
  • Dreamt that I visited Ian, Elizabeth, and Dannon (former housemates). Ian had a long, complex poetic letter for me. I felt weirdddddd.
  • Sid is on a talent show like American Idol, but the skill is cooking. I’m there to support him, which means I make out with him. For the finale, his parents are there too. I’m sitting between the two of them.
  • I visit SF but end up accidentally going on what seems like a date with an Indian man, the wrong one. He was a man sitting next to me at the bar in a restaurant while I was waiting for my real date. The man invites me to dance. I dance and on the dance floor, Sid shows up. I dance with with Sid and it feels so good, so right. I want to be with him, not the stranger. The other man notices and I explain who Sid is. The man leaves. I want to spend time with my real date but he is upset as well. He storms off. I cannot reach him. Eventually I do, but he avoids the topic. I go to see him and knock on his door late at night.
  • I got married to a Viet guy I didn’t know as well as I wanted to. But he was great. The wedding was interesting… like we posed for pics at the altar. We had great sex in the courtyard honeymoon suite of the hotel. I was surprised.
  • I am in a science fiction/alien movie, but the Black/POC version. Mostly, the dream devolves into me and Tony Jack walking around and eating gluten free cookies while analyzing why the department is not as successful as it could be. People are beginning to run away, maybe there are predators after all. I’m afraid.

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you are worthy of your dreams.

  1. there will be difficulties. remember you are making a choice to take a glimpse from the mountaintops instead of simply drifting downstream. there are risks of burning thighs and sprained ankles along the way, an ache similar to failure. but remember, the views up here are breath-taking.
  2. this choice carries an inevitability. your obsessions are misnamed passions that deserve to be unpacked, studied, developed, and worn.
  3. your father records himself singing into his cell phone. you wonder what dreams he has never leapt into.
  4. you know too many who are stiflingly practical. have they had their dose of dreaming?
  5. you have been living and writing. you have been preparing for this since you were 6.
  6. when you were a babe and wordless still, your momma rocked you to sleep reading the tales of kieu. you come from a lineage of literature. human expression is not new to you.
  7. vietnamese songs are stories, are operas, are lamenting lullabies. human expression is not new to you.
  8. in your mind there are canvases to fill, words to read, and it looks like sunny paths that lead into one story to write.
  9. know that you will feel loneliness. you will feel. a lot.
  10. trust that you are strong and getting stronger. freer. lovelier.


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